Devops Engineer

We are looking for a Devops Engineer to the first and only finance company in Turkey.


Design, create, launch and improve the software delivery which includes designing hosting architecture, optimizing existing processes, choosing the right technology, maintaining and improving on existing technology pieces, have knowledge about scale-able and supportable hardware and software architecture.


  • Continuous Delivery
  • Build and release management
  • Basic understanding of Networking
  • Security (fair understanding of application and infrastructure security)
  • Recommend and Implement solutions. Be totally hands on.
  • Ensure delivery of exceptional technical solutions
  • Maintain strong expertise and knowledge of current and emerging processes, techniques and tools


  • Graduated from Engineering departments
  • 3 to 7 years of experience working in Operations and/or Development Teams
  • Understanding of the practical application of Agile/Lean processes
  • Strong technical foundation in:


  • Linux and Windows
  • Working knowledge of Virtualization (vmware, xen, kvm, virtualbox, etc)
  • Configuration Management Tools / Infrastructure Automation (docker, Ansible, chef, puppet etc) is a plus
  • Working knowledge in Monitoring/data collection tools/techniques (nagios, splunk, zenoss, syslog-ng, etc)
  • Scripting languages (shell, ruby/jruby, perl, python, powershell, etc)
  • Continuous integration tools (cd, teamcity, hudson, etc
  • SCM tools (svn, git, perforce, mercurial, etc)
  • Build tools (ant, nant, rake, etc)
  • Package Management (rpm, nuget , etc)
  • Containerisation (Good to have)
  • Working knowledge of application servers, servlet containers, and web servers
  • Must be fluent in English; both oral and written
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We have worked with Duman Consultancy to fill a highly demanded but very scarce IT position. They studied the need very correctly including technical requirements and the transformative mission of the position as well as our company culture. We have hired one of Duman’s candidates and he turned out to be a perfect fit. We are very satisfied with his performance and expect much more from him in building our company’s future. Duman Consuntancy is the right partner we will reach out to anytime we search for exterior talent.

Pınar Ursavaş Kitapçı
Genel Müdür, Koç Finans