Our Solution Partners and NGO’s We Support

Praxi Alliance

PRAXI Alliance is the bridge to international human capital solutions. They find and assess the most suitable individuals for the client’s open positions, from Top Executive mandates to challenging managerial roles. High performers can also be cultivated from within client’s organization through strategic assessment and development initiatives. Your ability to identify, develop and support your organization’s potential extends globally.

Zenger Folkman

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Jack Zenger and Dr. Joseph Folkman, Zenger Folkman began with three primary objectives to create value for leaders. The first is to discover and share a simple model of leadership and how it can be developed. The second is that the content, findings, and solutions must spark new actions and new behaviours. Lastly, the insistence that insights are based on hard data, facts, and statistical analyses from large sets of data.

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