Initiate a Continuous Leadership Journey:
Measure Competencies, Discover Potentials, Define Focus, Develop Profoundly, and Re-evaluate Progress

Why Choose CLAP360?

We believe that before embarking on a journey, you need to understand where you currently stand. That's why we offer you Clap360 Distinctive Leadership Compass as a powerful tool for effective leadership development:

  • Receive Valuable Feedback!: Start your leadership journey by receiving invaluable feedback!
  • Evaluate Competencies!: Enhance your Performance Management process with competency-based evaluation!
  • Gain Objectivity and Speed!: Gain different perspectives by noticing perception and utilize time more effectively for your development!
  • Get Guidance in Competency Sets!: Let us assist you in preparing a Leadership Competency Set!
  • Facilitate Conversations!: Use our easily-interpretable tool to support competency- and development-focused conversations!
  • Focus on Leadership!: In addition to business results, shift your focus to leadership, communication, and behavior!
  • Measure Competency Development!: Track competency development with a measurable approach!
  • Create a Leadership Culture!: Support sustainable leadership development stories!
  • Support 360-Degree Feedback!: Discover the strengths of your leaders at all levels!
  • Boost Motivation!: Find out how to manage and enhance the motivation of your team!

Unlocking Leadership Excellence and Potential with DUMAN

At DUMAN, we embrace a comprehensive approach to leadership development. We focus on 15 CRITICAL FEATURES organized under 5 MAIN COMPETENCIES, further detailed by 63 ATTRIBUTES.

These competencies and features have been distilled from behaviors based on internationally recognized, reliable, and constantly updated sources, established on a global scale through extensive studies involving long-term, diverse sample groups, contributing the most to leaders committed to their development.

In our programs, we don’t just stop at DUMAN Leadership Competencies. We also give due importance to your organization’s defined competencies and values. When needed, we create a seamless mapping between the two, ensuring a harmonious and customized development journey for your leaders.

Please contact us to get more information about CLAP360 Distinctive Leadership Compass and our Leadership Development programs and to talk about different leadership development designs.