Outplacement is a consultancy service provided by organisations, aim to support employees who are exiting the business (can be voluntarily or involuntarily) – The perspective for the organisation is creating and maintaining a healthy relationships with displaced employees during a time when they may have a positive mindset.

As Duman Management Consultancy, we are committed to provide our customers during the down-size strategy, for planning, communication, and notification training associated with their outplacement plan before, during and after operation.

Downsizing is a painful business decision, on the other hand, Outplacement can’t eliminate that pain; but it can make the transition easier for everyone who is affected by this business decision. Our consultancy approach helps minimize the pain and maximize the gains of the transformation process for both employees and organization.

In order to create a fruitful road-map and effective development program we focus to assess their values, skills and interests, ultimately leading to the development of a more effective career profile and marketing plan.

Our key objectives in the outplacement process :
  • Successfully transitioning from organization
  • Thoroughly analyzing accomplishments and competencies
  • Clarifying goals, values, and objectives
  • Gathering data and feedback via several assessment instruments
  • Developing a competitive resume, CV, bio, and LinkedIn profile
  • Career Planning to assess their values, skills, and interests, ultimately leading to the development of a more effective career profile and marketing plan
  • Creating a networking strategy, reviewing and placing individual profiles on various online job platforms
  • Preparing for interviews, with training, role plays, information on prospective questions arising in an interview
  • Coaching through the onboarding process
  • Helps employees successfully get back to work
Our Outplacement and Career Transition Program includes;


  • Defining Notification Strategy for Managers (1-2 day training)


  • Support in the Notification Day


  • Career Transition for Executives (Individual Programs)
  • Career Transition for Entry and Mid Level Professionals (Group  Seminar and 1 to 1 Sessions)
  • Career Transition for Workers – Blue Collars (Group Seminar and 1 to 1 Sessions)