Cloud Leaders

Cloud Leaders

cloud leadersWe used to see the cloud only in the air, now we hear the name of a cloud everywhere, right? It has been years since the IT world discovered to the cloud, the clouds entered even the agenda of presidents and ministers! Beyond being a technological term from America, It entered our life as a new concept and we described everything with it.

However, for us, the clouds were always in the air. I remember our childhood, and when we looked down from below, the clouds that looked like exquisite cotton candies would be a fog that scares us and hides our way as we climb up to the highlands. The van carrying us to the plateau would climb up and down in the fine mountain road in the pine forests. Most of the time, we would continue with a sharp fog in the cloud from the height we met with the clouds.

We, a few families gathered at a truck bed, were travelling while watching the forest with our big eyes and water droplets on our eyelash and brows brought by fog. Every tree would be a monster, every sound would be a wild for all of us. If the Dodge pickup driver, who had gone through those roads thousands of times in the fog, if was someone else, not Eyüp uncle, maybe the last thing we saw as those in the pickup truck would be that fog and the delusions it created.

I think when people grow up, they look a little differently to the cloud and fog. We climb the same mountains again, pass through similar clouds, but now there is a more patient waiting than fear, and the excitement of the magnificent landscape you will encounter when you exceed and go higher. I do not know whether it brought years of experience, excitement or reduction in our imagination.

Of course, in a leadership article, you can say what the cloud chat has to do with it. Let me explain; I think that the natural power that surrounds man is actually a respectable trainer that protects and protects when he adapts, and causes you to open your eyes more than ever, that is, to live much more carefully and focused. Although it is challenging for us, it is a great boon for vegetation. Shelter for all living things.

So now I follow the clouds like great leaders. I liken tight leaders to huge clouds. When you looks from below, they admire with their brightness and strength, is desired to be reached, they are a bit worried as their approaches, but when they are with their, they constantly teaches, imagines, nurtures with they vastness and calmness.

The more intense the more mysterious, just as strong. If it is a a thin layer ; so ordinary, dry and worthless.

Strong leaders nourish them, strengthen them, and wrap them around like clouds protecting them from extreme heat and extreme cold. The relatively weak ones scatter with a simple wind, leaving those who trust it.

That’s why I like the concept of cloud leadership. All of us, we want leadership that encompasses, grasps, empowers, questions more, takes more attention.
Good luck for cloud leadership, cloud leaders !

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