We have worked with Duman Consultancy to fill a highly demanded but very scarce IT position. They studied the need very correctly including technical requirements and the transformative mission of the position as well as our company culture. We have hired one of Duman’s candidates and he turned out to be a perfect fit. We are very satisfied with his performance and expect much more from him in building our company’s future. Duman Consuntancy is the right partner we will reach out to anytime we search for exterior talent.

Pınar Ursavaş Kitapçı
Genel Müdür, Koç Finans

We have worked with Duman Consultancy for more than one year in multiple positions in different competencies and roles in Gürallar Group. Duman Consultancy is a strong and very collobarative business partner for the company. I can say that we will work together for many years because of their rapid return and solutions to each of our projects. They follow each project with great interest and professionalism and they can easily create solutions which are inline with our company culture and dynamic structure.

Esin Güral Argat
Yönetim Kurulu Başkan Yrd., GÜRALLAR

“We started to work with Duman Danışmanlık first , for a “Performance Management Project “ in 2017.With the positive outcome of the project , this time, we decided to get executive search support for reconstructing our Management Team. With their good understanding of business environment as well as company dynamics, we were able to fill the position in line with our expectations.
As a matter of fact, Duman Danışmanlık has become our strategic partner since then, in our HR denominated projects,with their, proven experience,productive and responsive support, enabled by their customer centic consultants. In nowadays, we are working for a mid level management role, of which we don’t have any doubt that we will be supplied with the best possible candidates that serves for the role.”

Ceylan Güzetekin Yatı
CEO, Global Turizm

We well knew Mr. Duman’s HR background and worked with him for a series of team workshops for our Human Resources department.
First workshop was done with all Human Resources Business Partners where we aimed to develop coaching skills of HR Business Partners and focused on “mindset of being a partner”. Other workshop series were done for the teams in Human Resources department’s different functions working closely where we focused on and emphasized “co-creation”. Before all workshops, we gathered with Mr. Duman several times.
Duman Consultancy understood our needs well, proposed solutions according to our dynamics and culture which is very important for us.
While preparing the content & workshop exercises, in each step we were well-informed with details and could tailor it together according to our needs.
The teams’ feedbacks after the workshops showed us we reached our goal to a considerable extent.
We are happy to meet Mr. Duman and would like to work with him for further projects.

Betül Çorbacıoğlu
Head of Human Resources, Mercedes Benz Türkiye

I had long known Yiğit Duman through his invaluable contributions to Human Resorces – People Management area especially as the Chairman of PERYÖN.
Having decided to assess and develop the mid-managers of our organization, we decided to tap the expertise of Duman Consultancy through their leadership development program.
Duman Cosultancy helped us create and deliver a strength based methodology to improve our Senior Managers’ business efficiency by bringing out their potential.
On the basis of the competencies of ZengerFolkman Extraordinary Leaders 360 Assesment, the assessments were carried out and individual feedback were provided, which was defined as “awakening” by our mid-managers.
Our leaders completed 2 days Leadership Development Module and had the chance to refresh and allign their leadership skills.
It has been a previlige to work with Duman Consultancy who clearly added great value to our team, with whom we will certainly be willing to undertake future projects.

Figen Karatan

This year, we have worked for C-level position for a long time. We have met with different headhunters but the Duman team referred to us quickly all the suitable candidates. During the meetings they have understood us very well, chosen the individuals that fit our desired candidate profile and we have found the right person for this position in a rather short amount of time. We were very satisfied with their service, Duman team is a team that we would like to work with in the future for different positions.

Çağlar Erol

Quite honestly, executive recruitment is a market that is getting more strenuous day by day.
Among heaps of vying companies, a few distinguishing features can always pay off.
It is the responsive service to your cultural requirements that, Duman Consultants , widely differ from the others.
They achieve this by getting closer to their clients by benefiting them at each phase of the project.
At Asaş, we do visualise Duman’s chances of creating a difference in this market.

Birol Büyüksivri
Ex-Deputy General Manager, ASAŞ

We worked together one year ago for an executive role to complete our Management Team. Duman’s understanding of the business needs and culture of the organization enabled us to fill the position with the right candidate in a speed fashion. Duman Consultancy is a valuable partner to us and we will be delighted to be working together again in other projects.

Nevzat Aydin
CEO, Yemek Sepeti

During my previous assignment as a CEO of a technology company, I met with Duman Consultancy while I consider how I will reshape company’s mid level management organization. Because of their previous experience in ICT industry, we decided to work with them on our leadership development program (LDP). Under the advisory of Duman, we also used Zenger and Folkman individual assessments in order to decide which individual strengths of team members we should be focusing on.

Gökhan Arıksoy
Partner, Technology Leader, Deloitte

Dear Duman Consultancy, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to you for the remarkable support you have given to our Key Account Management Team members. The team was extremely pleased with what you have shared with them, putting both the people perspective as well as the business perspective into the scope. The common feedback was that , the content had given them a different perspective and increased awareness as to look at the team, business and personal performance management holistically and that at the end of the day, they will have to manage their personal performance to start with. In doing so, the examples that were given were striking as they related to real life rather than theoretical concepts which helped them to absorb the material. We would be delighted to continue working with yourselves in the up-coming projects and have your support in building different competencies in our teams.

Esra Daver
HR Director, Metro Grossmarket