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In order to assist our clients we offer our organisational development and change consultancy services with our 15+ years of experience in different type of organisational challenges and changing environment challenges. M&A projects, expansion or changing the business focus projects can be the source of organisational changes and we offer a change management and HR related activities consultancy.

Studying with the Board and HR Management Team in order to align the Human Resources Priorities with Corporate Strategic Success Factors. Studies includes;

  • Corporate Strategy to Human Resources Management KPI’s
  • Human Resources Team Organisational Design
  • Human Resources Team Development Plan
  • HRBP Development Program

Our prime role is to provide employers with human capital solutions that improve individual, team, and organizational performance while minimizing employment practice risk. DUMAN provides total outsourcing solutions to save organizational overhead costs or assists an existing human resource department with partial outsourcing or project-based support. Our team of experienced and certified professionals provides management and human resource consulting and training services that are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication, and employee morale. Our offerings include:

  • Strategic Planning, and Succession Planning
  • Job Analysis & Job Evaluation,
  • Compensation Analysis & Design,
  • HR Compliance Audits,
  • Performance Management Systems,
  • Training & Development,
  • Employee Onboarding & Orientation,
  • Employee Exit & Workforce Downsizing,
  • Payroll/HRMS Technology Solutions,
  • Policies & Procedures,
  • Organizational Surveys,

We believe that effective Human Resources Management is essential for a company for its sustainability and continuous growth. But unfortunately most of the developing company has no or a only a limited capacity of effective Human Resources management capability. In order support organizations who has no or limited HR Management Experience and talent within their organization we developed or HR Interim Solution. We start working with you as your HR Executive in your organization. We assign a 10+years experienced HR professional and start working on development and managing the HR function within the organization. It helps corporates to develop their own Human Resources Processes and management tools. During the consultancy period we can also employ and orient a HR professional in order to guarantee the after consultancy period performance. For more details please contact us…

Establishing of Internal Audit Function Internal audit is an independent ,objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

  • Internal Audit Unit Establishment
  • Establish Executive/ Board Reporting principles
  • Design of internal audit methodology and standards
  • Risk assessment and determining the audit plan
  • Improving the Effectiveness of the Current Internal Audit Unit
  • Resource Planning and Training
  • Outsourcing / Cosourcing of Internal Audit

Internal Control Services In today’s challenging business environment, company executives are under increasing pressure to mitigate risks associated with day to day business activities and take necessary precautions. A company’s internal control systems plays a major role in achieving this objective and therefore has become one of the top priority items in the executive agenda.

  • Assessment of Process and Controls
  • Documentation of Process and Controls
  • Evaluation of process and controls
  • Determination of control deficiencies, developing recommendations
  • Regular test of internal controls

Fraud Risk and Management In today’s business environment with increased legislative and regulatory requirements, there is a greater need for organizations to understand and address fraud risks.

  • Evaluation of Fraud Risks and Controls
  • Audit of the Fraud-Related Controls
  • Investigations

Risk Based Internal Audit Assignments

  • Audit on Regulatory Compliance
  • Audit on Compliance with Regulations
  • Audit on Projects
  • Retail Store Audit

Ethics and Compliance Program Design Proactive fraud prevention and detection controls are a vital part in managing the risk of fraud. Code of conduct, an anti-fraud policy, management review procedures and anti-fraud training programs could greatly enhance businesses’ ability to protect their resources from fraud.

  • Establishment of anti-fraud policy and procedures
  • Design of Code of Conduct
  • Establishment of Compliance process
  • Design of process for incident management
  • Design Anti-fraud awareness activities

Corporate Governance Services

Enterprise Risk Management Corporate Executive Services

  • Board of Directors Analysis
  • Compliance with Corporate Governance Principles
  • Annual Report Analysis
  • Board of Directors Support Services

TCC Compliance Analysis