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Leadership Development

DUMAN is working on identifing, engaging and retaining the leaders who are business critical for his clients.

Leadership development programs must be tailored according to business needs, current competencies and the strategic priorities of the company. DUMAN insist on delivering on extraordinary leadership development programs which are all differentiated according to these business needs and the level of expertise.

Principles for effective leadership development

Leadership is not only a tool for effective management but also the guarantee for personal development and satisfaction. Also development programs are not only training activities but a scheduled process in order to secure its effectiveness. In order to setup a real life and effective development program we focus on;

  • Identifing the Organisational Need
  • Assessing the personal competencies
  • Creating and following up the personal development program with 1to1 or grup coaching

Although each of them has its own content and focus, we can list our up today Leadership Development Program Management experiences as;

Mondi, Borusan Otomotiv, Metric, Aksigorta, UCB Pharma, Enerjisa, Defacto projects.

We develop Leadership Development Programs in mainly 3 different level of concentration such as;